Our proposed community map

This is the map we will be send to the commission which we feel will best represent communities and balance the numbers of equal voters in each ward.

north birmingham map

We are asking local people to email in support of our proposals, to the LGBCE by emailing reviews@lgbce.org.uk and stating you are backing ‘North Birmingham Community Together’ proposals. If possible, you can download the picture and attach it to the email.



Our Alternative Proposal

This page outlines the proposed wards we are putting to the Local Government Boundary Commission for England as best representing our communities in North Birmingham.


Castle Vale

Our Castle Vale Ward consists of the Castle Vale housing estate and the Jaguar Industrial estate opposite, the address for the factory/site is Castle Vale. This was the site of the factory for the Spitfires during the Second World Ward. These were tested on the Aerodrome which is now the site of the Castle Vale Housing Estate.


Our Erdington Ward preserves the core of historic Erdington. Including the all of the areas covered by the proposed Erdington Residents Parking Scheme and Conservation Zone.  This ward would community significant buildings within the Erdington Community, unlike the commissions published plan. The ward would keep Erdington Abbey, Erdington Train Station, Erdington Royal Mail depot, the old Erdington Cottages, Osborne School (former School for the Erdington Urban District Council) and keeps the Yenton area of Erdington around Orphanage Road together in the ward. The boundaries are the border of Sutton Coldfield to the North, Court Lane to the West, to the South the traditional border with Gravelly Hill/Birches Green of Wood End Road/Kingsbury Road is used. To the East the border is the border of Pype Hayes, enabling Holly Park Drive and Quincey Drive to remain in Erdington.

Gravelly Hill

A historic community that built up around the railway line, Gravelly Hill is bordered to the South by the Gravelly Hill interchange. From East to West across the North of the Ward the A4040 Wood End Road/Marsh Hill borders the ward. The only exception to this is the addition of Witton Cemetery in the West of the ward.


The Kingstanding Ward brings together the community of Kingstanding within one two member ward. The ward is bordered on the East by the College Road from North to South. To the West the border is the dual carriageway Kingstanding Road, until it breaks into a boulevard through southern Kingstanding by the Kingstanding pub, the Golden Hind retuning the Kingstanding Royal Mail Sorting Office to Kingstanding Ward.


The Oscott community which comes together around the Cardinal Wiseman School is bordered to the North by the City border and Sutton Coldfield. To the West, continues the City border until it meets Southern Kingstanding in the South. The ward then is bordered by the Kingstanding Road to the East.


Perry Common

Perry Common is a compact community built up around the Ring shopping area, Witton Lodge Road and the neighbouring Community Hall, home to the local Perry Common Housing Group – Witton Lodge Community Housing Association. The ward is bordered to the North by Sutton Coldfield, to the East by Court Lane, to the South by the large Witton Boating Lakes and Bleak Hill recreation ground, which is not passably by vehicle. To the West the border is the College Road.

Pype Hayes

Pype Hayes Community is focused on the shared shopping centre, the Norton, on the Tyburn Road/Kingsbury Road junction. Shared with Birches Green our ward brings together the two communities into a Pype Hayes Ward which residents can connect to, through its shared groups. The ward is bordered to the North by Sutton Coldfield to the East the Jaguar Factory, and to the South by the A4040 large dual carriageway, Bromford Lane. The Western border is the Kingsbury Road and then historic border with the parish of Erdington.

Stockland Green

The Stockland Green Community is built up around the Witton Boating Lakes. The Community is close knit and is bordered to the south by the A4040, Marsh Hill border with Gravelly Hill, to the North by the Lakes and recreation ground, to the East the border is Summer Road and to the West the North Birmingham Academy Playing Fields.


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Birmingham Mail coverage of Erdington broken up


Coverage of the fact the commission are proposing to remove Erdington train station, Police Station, Royal Mail sorting office and Erdington Abbey from Erdington Ward.


Points 2 in the article highlights the breaking up of the historic Erdington Community. Point 4 explains how in the commissions proposed Perry Common Ward you have to leave the ward and travel through 3or 4 other wards to travel between the southern part in Wryley Birch and Northern section in New Oscott.

This is our website for our campaign demanding the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) change their draft proposals for North Birmingham, the area between the M6 and the border of Sutton Coldfield as outlined in our community submission and on this website. This would create wards based on our communities of Castle Vale, Erdington, Gravelly Hill, Kingstanding, Oscott, Perry Common, Pype Hayes and Stockland Green. These proposed changes are entirely self contained, not impacting on the rest of the City proposals.